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these are life goals people ………


these are life goals people ………

I’m getting bored of being annoyed by annoying people.


Day whatever- Favorite Action Movie: Pulp Fiction

This movie made a serious run for movie nobody would expect me to love and for funniest movie, but ultimately I didn’t think it was as surprising as V for Vendetta and not as funny as my pick for funniest movie. Pulp Fiction is just an amazing movie!! I love Samuel L. Jackson, I like John Travolta, I love the humor, I love Tarantino’s writing, I love the story, I love everything about this movie. I can’t remember one single flaw in this movie and is definitely one of my 20 favorite movies probably even 15 favorite movies. This movie is so good it isn’t fair. Oh, and I love the action!!


Girl, you’ll be a woman… soon

I love you so much, can’t count all the ways

I’ve died for you girl and all they can say is

“He’s not your kind”

They never get tired of putting me down

And I’ll never know when I come around

What I’m gonna find

Don’t let them make up your mind.

“I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.” 
― Oscar Wilde


Tom Waits (early 90’s) photo by Jim Jarmusch


Tom Waits (early 90’s) photo by Jim Jarmusch